Kerutabs is a food supplement and contains the enzyme lactase. You can find more information about lactase and of course how to use lactase tablets on this website, on the Kerutabs pack and in the brochure that you can download below. It is handy to read through the information before you start taking the tablets. Then you know whether the tablets are suitable for you and what you should watch out for. The brochure contains a handy schedule in which you can note down how many tables you usually use for different foods. That’s handy for the next time you want to use Kerutabs.

Download the Kerutabs information brochure here.

Read through Kerutabs information brochure online

You can download the Kerutabs information brochure here. If you still have questions about using lactase tablets after reading this information, take a look at our frequently asked questions-page. You can also contact us if you prefer that.

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