“Which products contain lactose?” is the first question asked by people who are lactose intolerant. You should be aware first and foremost that all milk products contain lactose. So this also applies to goat and sheep milk. The milk sugar, lactose, is also found in milk powder. This is added to many products, such as processed foods. Many people don’t realise that products with added milk powder contain lactose. This is because the product is not initially recognised as a dairy product. If you are lactose intolerant, we recommend that you always carefully read the ingredient list on the product packaging. If you would still like to consume these products, then Kerutabs lactase tablets are a good supplement.

What does the milk sugar known as lactose contain?

To give a more specific answer to the question “Which products contain lactose?”, you can find a list below of specific products that include milk sugar. For several of these products it is obvious that lactose is incorporated in the food. For instance, milk, buttermilk and chocolate milk obviously contain lactose. The milk of all mammals contains milk sugar. This also includes goat milk, sheep milk, horse milk and donkey milk. Lactose is also incorporated in the following products:

  • Yoghurt, custard, pudding, quark, kefir, mousse, bavarois, chocolate
  • Milkshakes, ice cream made with milk or cream, whipped cream, soured cream, crème fraîche
  • Creamy soups and sauces
  • Goat and sheep cheese, processed cheese, cheese spread, cottage cheese, hüttenkäse

It’s good to know that Dutch hard cheese is lactose-free, so you can continue to enjoy this even if you are lactose intolerant!

Which products contain hidden lactose?

The question “Which products contain lactose?” is often asked because of hidden lactose. As stated previously, lactose also occurs in milk powder. Milk powder is incorporated in products that are not initially recognised as milk products. This includes ready meals or products with a long shelf life. This often referred to on packaging as whey powder or dry milk solids. Fruit dairy drinks also contain lactose, as does bread, Danish pastry and hotdogs. Meal replacements, cake mixes, energy drinks and pizzas also contain hidden lactose.

If you have specific questions about products in which lactose is processed, please contact us.

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