Experiences of customers

Miranda, mother of Bente

Our daughter Bente sometimes had a sensitive response after eating or drinking certain products. We figured it out ourselves that milk was the culprit. In the end, we went to the hospital, where they conducted various tests. Our suspicions were confirmed, Bente indeed proved to be lactose intolerant. First of all, Bente avoided lactose for a month after which, with the help of Kerutabs tablets she was able to try eating ‘normal’ things again every now and then. The first thing Bente tried was a fairy cake. As things went well with the cake, we gradually started to try other products.
Luckily Bente is really alert for what she can and cannot eat. She always tries to avoid lactose because that’s the easiest option. A while ago, we were eating out at a restaurant and she really wanted to have an ice cream for dessert. As we always have Kerutabs with us, it was great that she was able to enjoy her ice cream! We’re still investigating what Bente can and cannot eat and drink. Chocomel or cream are fine if we use Kerutabs but, unfortunately, a cheese fondue is still out of the question for now. We always make sure we stock up before going on holiday, just to be sure. And as you can buy online these days, it’s really easy.

Mariska, mother of Kyara

Kyara is lactose intolerant and also has a gluten allergy. If Kyara eats or drinks lactose, she notices it immediately. When she uses Kerutabs she can tolerate the food better. That’s why we always take Kerutabs if we’re going anywhere.
Lactose intolerance is much better known these days and there are an increasing number of lactose-free products to choose from. But there are still things that are really delicious that aren’t lactose free. We can find lactose-free pancakes and ice creams, but haven’t found lactose-free poffertjes (small pancakes), so far. So it’s great that we can use Kerutabs for those.

Ariëlle has used Kerutabs for years

I hadn’t been feeling very well for a while, but couldn’t really say what was wrong. I decided to visit an internist. Examinations showed that I am lactose intolerant and I started searching for information on how I could best handle this. From the start, using Kerutabs was a good supplement. I still try to avoid lactose, but if there’s nothing else, then it’s great that I can use Kerutabs. It’s handy if you’re eating out, which is why I always have them with me. I also still take a lot of care with what I’m eating (for instance I don’t eat desserts that contain a lot of cow’s milk). When I’m on holiday, I also make sure I have enough tablets with me, because Kerutabs aren’t so easy to find when you’re abroad.
I sometimes really feel like Tortellini with cream cheese and ham. I’ve tried it without cream, but it’s just not the same. With Kerutabs I can tolerate and enjoy it. Every now and then I even enjoy a cheese fondue.
Thanks to Kerutabs, I have a good quality of life. Eating and drinking delicious food is extremely important to me.

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